Part L – Accredited Certifiers

Part L – Accredited Certifiers


Accredited Certifiers

Coolheat Services Limited engineers are also accredited certifiers who are able to assess air-conditioning installations and subsequently register and provide ‘self certify’ certificates for your installations with regards to Part L of the Building Regulations.

ALL new installations require a Part L certificate unless they are part of new building works approved under the building regulations.

Part L – Conservation of Fuel & Power


The legal framework and Approved Documents for Part L (Conservation of fuel and power) were last revised by amendments that came into effect on 6 April 2006.

The changes brought into effect:

New energy performance requirements Amendments of Regulations:

  • The building Regulations 2000
  • The Building (Approved Inspectors etc.) Regulations 2000

Why was Part L of the Building Regulations (Conservation of fuel and power) amended in April 2006?

i) To reduce CO2 emissions from buildings in line with the commitments made in the 2003 Energy White Paper;
ii) To implement part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

How will Government promote the development of self-certification schemes to improve regulation?The current system of Competent Person schemes allows members to self-certify that their work meets the requirements of the Regulations.

A number of new schemes have been authorised, mainly in the heating, plumbing, ventilation and air-conditioning sectors to help deliver compliance with the standards in Part L. Schemes have been authorised for pressure testing and CO2 emission rate calculations.