Manufacturers Warranties – Air-conditioning

Newly installed air-conditioning comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty which on average is 3 years, although as Daikin D1 partners:

We are able to offer 7 year warranties on Daikin systems (subject to T&Cs)

Daikin D1 Approved

Most manufacturers offer 3 year warranties as 1st year parts and labour then parts only thereafter although some manufacturers will offer a full 3 years parts and labour.

In order for warranties to be upheld, system manufacturers request that systems undergo regular maintenance works (the required regularity of those works depends on the type of unit installed, its location and environment).

If regular service works cannot be proven the warranties will not be upheld by manufacturers therefore it is imperative to organise a good maintenance schedule in the early years, we can organise this at the time of your placement of installation order (if you so wish).

For specific information on warranties applicable to a individual system(s) please contact us and we will be happy to advise.